The hub of my casino, including 3 games. Collectively, it took 3 days to create them. You can also find some extras within the hub.

Casino 1

Juggle Weize's Hat through the air and collect diamonds. The game will get increasingly harder the longer you last.

Casino 2

Play against Geize in this card game inspired by Picture Poker from New Super Mario Bros DS. Gamble responsively.

Casino 3

Parkour up a treacherous tower without falling. This game is inspired by Icy Tower.


The place where every pixel lasts a lifetime. Contribute to the giant canvas or create your own private rooms!


Create a neat looking Discord status out of emojis.


My first and worst experiment, in which I let anyone write anything they want. Proceed with caution.

Face Reveal

Here you can see what I look like.

Coming soon